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Top Digital Marketers

Top Digital Marketers in the World to Follow

Did you know that Neil Patel is considered a top influencer by the Wall Street Journal? For new and mid-level digital marketers, keeping up with trends is crucial. Companies look to the top digital marketing experts for their knowledge. This list includes top experts in social media, SEO, and content. They can help you meet your marketing goals and stay ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • The digital marketing landscape is always changing, so knowing the top experts is key.
  • These experts are skilled in areas like SEO, content marketing, social media, and PPC ads.
  • By using their advice and strategies, businesses can improve their digital marketing efforts.
  • The experts highlighted in the article have a track record of success and share valuable insights.
  • Keeping up with the latest from these experts can help you beat the competition.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing uses online channels to promote products to potential customers. It brings many benefits to businesses. These include growing brand awareness, boosting website traffic, and building better customer relationships. To be successful online, businesses must keep up with the newest digital marketing trends.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is crucial for any business. It helps companies reach their target customers in a cost-effective way. By using digital channels, businesses can make their brand more visible. This can drive leads and increase sales.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has many advantages. It can increase brand awareness and bring more people to your website. It also helps with generating qualified leads and turning them into sales. By providing valuable content and engaging with customers, businesses can build stronger relationships.

Digital marketing also lets companies measure how well their campaigns are performing. This data helps them improve their strategies for better results.

Top Digital Marketers

This story introduces 15 of the best digital marketing experts. They are changing the game with smart strategies and advice. Their work in digital marketing areas like SEO, content marketing, and social media is making a big difference.

The list includes big names such as Neil Patel and Gary Vaynerchuk. It also features newcomers like Shama Hyder and Veronica Wood Querales. No matter your experience level, you can learn from them. They will guide you to reach your marketing goals.

Expert Specialty Accolades
Neil Patel SEO and Content Marketing Named by Wall Street Journal and Forbes. His company, NP Digital, stood out on Forbes’ list too.
Ann Handley Content Marketing She’s a Wall Street Journal best-selling author with over 30 years in digital marketing.
Rand Fishkin SEO Strategist He led the SEO brand Moz as its CEO.
Purna Virji PPC Advertising PPC Hero recognized her as the most influential PPC Expert in the world.
Kim Garst Social Media Influencer Forbes highlighted her as a top 20 influential woman in marketing.

This article features just a few of the best digital marketers out there. Each one shares insights and strategies for success. With their help, you can excel in the digital marketplace.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is known for his work in digital marketing. He founded NeilPatel.com, a top digital marketing consultancy. Patel also started successful companies like CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics. Neil Patel is an SEO and content marketing expert.

He shares his knowledge on these topics through his blog and social media. Patel makes tough ideas easy to understand. This makes him a key figure for digital marketers everywhere.

Patel also created Ubersuggest, a widely used marketing tool. He runs NP Digital, a full-service digital agency too. With his deep knowledge and experience, Patel helps many businesses and people with their online marketing and presence.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is known as GaryVee. He’s a serial entrepreneur and a top marketing expert. He founded VaynerMedia, which is a successful digital agency. His work in social media marketing stands out. Vaynerchuk believes in focusing on customers and being trendsetters online to do well.

Social Media Marketing Guru

Gary Vaynerchuk started VaynerMedia, a digital agency that’s top-notch in helping businesses grow. He knows a lot about creating content, advertising, and building brands. His work includes SEO and social media management. This makes him very helpful for businesses wanting to do better online.

Founder of VaynerMedia

Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, which has VaynerMedia under it. This company helps many big brands. VaynerMedia is his digital agency, well-known for its work in the field. They’re experts in social media marketing and create amazing content.

Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin used to lead Moz and now runs Sparktoro. He’s a big shot in SEO, focusing on strategy, link building, and content marketing. His work through videos, blog posts, and podcasts, like Whiteboard Friday, helps digital marketers succeed.

Fishkin started Moz and Sparktoro, two major players in digital marketing. Thanks to his deep knowledge, he’s a top expert on SEO strategies and more. Many in the business world seek his advice for better online results.

Ann Handley

Content Marketing Pioneer

Ann Handley tops the charts with her book sales, making the Wall Street Journal list. She’s not just an author, but a leader in content marketing too. Handley is the mastermind behind MarketingProfs, a top platform. She also started the ClickZ marketing agency in New York.

What makes Handley special is her focus on making content that truly connects. She stresses the need for top quality in what you share, not just quantity. This approach has changed the game for digital marketers everywhere.

Handley is known for her best-sellers on content marketing and how to communicate well. What she teaches has earned her a top spot in the digital marketing world. Her work has inspired many. It makes them think about their content in new ways. This helps them really grab attention online.

Ann Handley

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is a New York Times best-selling author and SEO expert. He founded Backlinko, a top source for SEO and digital marketing tips. Dean shares great advice on content marketing, SEO, and how to build effective links. His blog helps people do more with their digital marketing, driving leads through SEO and content creation.

Backlink Building Strategies

Brian Dean started Backlinko, a respected SEO and digital marketing blog. He knows a lot about SEO, making content stand out, and building links. His tips and strategies at Backlinko are a goldmine for businesses and digital marketers. They rely on his insights to boost their visibility and performance online.

Founder of Backlinko

Brian Dean founded Backlinko, a top spot for SEO and digital marketing advice. His deep knowledge of SEO, making content shine, and creating links is a big draw. Companies and digital marketers turn to Backlinko for strategies that work in the digital world today. They look to Dean’s wisdom to succeed online.

Purna Virji

PPC Advertising Expert

Purna Virji is a top-level content strategist and PPC advertising expert. She’s known worldwide for her work. Virji is a leading international speaker and has been named the most influential PPC expert by PPC Hero. She serves as the Principal Consultant at LinkedIn, helping businesses win in the digital world through PPC advertising and content strategy.

Purna Virji is famous in digital marketing as a keynote speaker and consultant. Her presentations are highly rated and she’s featured in top industry publications. From PPC advertising to content strategy, Virji helps businesses enhance their digital marketing efforts.

Achievements Details
Featured as Top 10 Digital Marketer Purna Virji is featured as one of the top 10 digital marketers in the world in the provided list.
Senior Executive at Microsoft Purna Virji holds a senior executive position at Microsoft, showing her deep knowledge and impact in digital marketing.
LinkedIn Connections Purna Virji’s LinkedIn profile shows 500+ connections.
Honored Listee by Marquis Who’s Who Purna Virji was issued the Honored Listee credential by Marquis Who’s Who in June 2023, valid until December 2029.
Microsoft Champion CPE Award Purna Virji received the Microsoft Champion CPE Award from Microsoft in July 2017.
Most Influential PPC Expert Purna Virji was recognized as the #1 Most Influential PPC Expert in the World by PPC Hero in July 2016.
Breaking Ground Award from Microsoft Purna Virji received the Breaking Ground Award from Microsoft, showing her commitment to customers and core values.
Recommendation from Bela Papp Purna Virji received a recommendation from Bela Papp highlighting her deep knowledge of Microsoft Advertising and the digital marketing field.

Kim Garst

Social Media Influencer

Kim Garst is a leading voice in social media and digital marketing. She began in the early days of social media, rising to prominence. Forbes has named her among the top 20 women influencing marketing. Garst aids companies like IBM, using social media to boost their brands and sales.

As marketing changes, she’s sharing her AI knowledge. She helps businesses understand how to make their digital marketing better using AI.

Forbes Top 20 Influential Women in Marketing

In the world of marketing, Kim Garst shines as one of Forbes’ top 20 influential women. Her skilled use of social media to grow brands and increase sales sets her apart. Now, many companies look to her for guidance on engaging their audiences through social platforms.

Kim Garst

Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer is an expert in digital marketing, especially in Facebook advertising. He advises on Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. He helps with ad targeting, budgeting, and tracking ad performance. Businesses value his insight to boost leads and sales through social media marketing.

Living in Denver, Colorado, he loves the Milwaukee Brewers and Wisconsin teams. He has coached his three sons for over a dozen years. His son’s team website got more visits in 30 days than JonLoomer.com did in its first decade. Besides his interest in sports, he has a degree in Philosophy and has worked in insurance. He also managed fantasy games for the NBA.

In 2011, after leaving his VP role at the American Cancer Society, Jon Loomer launched his own site. He has written over 1,000 articles on it. Loomer condenses his advertising strategies into seven points. He also offers Facebook marketing coaching sessions. In 2012, he started The Pubcast and in 2014, the Power Hitters Club. These platforms offer memberships with benefits such as a private Facebook group and weekly webinars.

Key Accomplishments Details
Facebook Advertising Expertise Offers services related to Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, giving advice on ad targeting, budgeting, and tracking performance.
Extensive Content Creation Has composed over 1,000 articles and boiled down his advertising philosophies into seven points.
Educational Initiatives Started The Pubcast in 2012 and the Power Hitters Club in 2014. They have various membership levels, with benefits like a private Facebook group and weekly webinars.
Coaching and Consulting Offers one-on-one Facebook marketing coaching sessions and proves helpful in improving businesses’ performance on Facebook through advertising.

Amit Khera

Amit Anthony Khera is an expert in digital marketing. He founded OAK Digital, a leading digital agency. OAK Digital was highly praised in 2021 by the International Performance Marketing Awards.

Thanks to Amit’s leadership, there OAK Digital gained industry recognition. His work with brands like Google and Ralph Lauren has made him influential. His extensive experience has prepared him well to lead in digital marketing.

Veronica Wood Querales

B2B Marketing and Communications Consultant

Veronica Wood Querales is a B2B marketing and communications consultant. She’s also a copywriter and marketing mentor, living in the United Kingdom. Veronica founded Into The Woods Marketing, an all-in-one consultancy. She’s well-known in the marketing and communications field. Veronica often shares her knowledge by speaking at events and joining podcasts. This, combined with her work with different brands and qualifications as a mentor, makes her a key figure in digital marketing.

At Into The Woods Marketing, based in Nottingham, UK, Veronica offers various services. These include coming up with B2B marketing strategies, consulting on communications, writing copy, and giving marketing advice. Her vast experience with clients from different sectors has made her a highly valued digital marketing expert.

Shannon Walker

Shannon Walker loves to spread the word using digital brand advocacy and tells stories online. She started Social Disruption, where they make big changes with creative, cultural, and user-focused digital stories. Shannon stands out in digital marketing, winning awards, like being one of PR Week’s top 30 under 30.

Shannon Walker runs Social Disruption, a place that’s all about sharing brands’ stories in cool ways. Her agency helps companies build digital campaigns that really connect with people. She’s known for shaking up how PR usually works, and her skills with stuff like getting influencers and building communities make her a star in digital marketing.

Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder leads the B2B marketing agency Zen Media as its CEO. She’s quite the trailblazer, being featured on Forbes’ esteemed top 30 under 30 list. Also, she’s recognized as a standout voice in LinkedIn’s marketing and social media scene. Hyder is celebrated for her fearless digital marketing methods. Through Zen Media, she aids businesses in enhancing their digital marketing in various fields.

CEO of Zen Media

Forbes’ top 30 under 30 list honored Shama Hyder, a spot she earned through her work in digital marketing. Leading Zen Media, she’s become a thought leader and influencer. Her bold take on digital marketing and her mastery of social media and branding are widely respected. Many businesses seek her advice to better their digital marketing strategies.

Forbes Top 30 Under 30

In 2015, Forbes recognized Shama Hyder as a top 30 under 30 Mover and Shaker. This acknowledgment highlights her significant contributions to digital marketing. As Zen Media’s CEO, Hyder helps businesses of various sizes excel in the digital world. Her innovation and expertise guide them to achieve their marketing aims.


The digital marketing field is always changing. To be on top, you must know about the leading digital marketing experts. The 15 top digital marketers in this article are known for their successful work. They have tons of wisdom and advice to share. This can help companies and people meet their marketing aims.

Experts like Neil Patel and Gary Vaynerchuk are well recognized. They have shown how good they are by bringing real results to their clients. Their tips, stories, and proven methods are priceless for any business size. They provide a helpful guide through the digital world.

Staying current with what these top digital marketing experts teach is vital. Doing so will set your business up for success. It ensures your marketing is using the best, newest strategies. No matter your level of experience, their advice can make a big difference in achieving your marketing objectives.


Who are the top digital marketers to follow?

To stay current with digital marketing, follow experts like Neil Patel and Gary Vaynerchuk. They’re known for their deep knowledge in areas like SEO and content marketing. Jon Loomer is great for getting Facebook ad advice, and Shama Hyder shines in several digital marketing aspects.

Why is it important to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and strategies?

Staying updated in digital marketing is key to winning online. This field changes fast, so current knowledge gives you an edge. It ensures you meet your marketing targets and stand out from the crowd.

What are the key benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing shines in boosting brand visibility and site traffic. It’s great for finding quality leads and turning them into sales. Plus, it fosters strong connections with your customers through engaging content.

What makes Neil Patel a leading digital marketing expert?

Neil Patel stands out in digital marketing, especially in SEO and content marketing. His insights, shared widely, simplify hard concepts. This makes him a valuable teacher for digital marketers of all levels.

How has Gary Vaynerchuk made a significant impact in the digital marketing industry?

Gary Vaynerchuk, known as GaryVee, makes great strides in social media marketing. Through VaynerMedia, he displays the power of customer-focused strategies. His advice helps navigate and succeed in today’s digital world.

What are Rand Fishkin’s key contributions to the SEO and digital marketing industry?

Rand Fishkin, known from Moz and Sparktoro, leads in SEO strategies. His expertise in link building and content marketing is top-notch. Fishkin’s educational content is essential for those aiming to win in digital marketing.

How has Ann Handley’s work influenced the content marketing industry?

Ann Handley has a huge impact, favoring quality over quantity in content creation. Her work boosts relevant, engaging content that truly connects. This shift has changed how marketers think and do content strategy.

What are Brian Dean’s notable contributions to the SEO and digital marketing field?

Brian Dean is a go-to source for SEO, offering deep insights in his blog, Backlinko. He’s a top figure on content marketing and link-building. His guidance enhances digital marketing efforts, drawing in more leads.

What makes Purna Virji a leading expert in PPC advertising and content strategy?

Purna Virji excels in PPC and content strategies as a LinkedIn expert and speaker. Topping PPC Hero’s list, her advice is highly impactful. She helps businesses shine in the digital realm.

How has Kim Garst established herself as a prominent social media influencer and digital marketing expert?

Kim Garst, from the social media’s early days, is now a top influencer. Recognized by Forbes, she leverages social media for big companies. Her AI insights are paving new ways in digital marketing.

What makes Jon Loomer a go-to expert for Facebook advertising?

Jon Loomer shines in Facebook ads, offering expert advice in ad strategies. His Facebook and Instagram insights are a digital marketing gem. Businesses looking to boost their social media sales seek his wisdom.

What are Amit Khera’s key contributions to the digital marketing industry?

Amit Khera’s OAK Digital is making waves with its outstanding services and strategies. His agency’s acclaim speaks to his exceptional digital marketing prowess. Khera is quickly becoming a leader in the industry.

How has Veronica Wood Querales established herself as a prominent figure in the digital marketing industry?

Veronica Wood Querales is a standout in the UK’s marketing scene. Through Into The Woods Marketing, she mentors and speaks on marketing. Her diverse brand experience and mentoring skills set her apart in digital marketing.

What makes Shannon Walker a rising star in the digital marketing industry?

Shannon Walker impresses with her digital PR and storytelling skills at Social Disruption. Her ‘people-first’ approach has gained her industry recognition. Awards like PR Week’s accolades highlight her as a talent to watch.

How has Shama Hyder’s expertise and leadership contributed to the success of digital marketing?

Shama Hyder’s approach at Zen Media redefines digital marketing success. Forbes’ recognition and her LinkedIn status further attest her impact. Through bold strategies, she elevates digital marketing efforts for businesses across various areas.

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